Friday, May 14, 2010

Bottomview Farms & Saturday Fun

Whew! This was a whirlwind of a day! After my late date night with Eric, I headed to Bottom View Farm to meet up with the children. I found Elijah riding Trigger and having a great time. His overalls were *slightly* too short, but that can happen when Daddy packs for you!Luke was bundles nicely in an age-appropriate, weather-appropriate outfit~:-)There was so much to do at the Farm!We fed the goats,Watched a man fire the pumpkin cannon,Went on a hay ride, and picked our own pumpkins!The farmer also took us on a train ride.We explored the country town; Grammie got into all kinds of things.Since it was getting close to nap time, we thought a picture of the grandkids, all in overalls!, would go over well.
We rode the merry-go-round. (Does anyone else get scared on those?)Elijah attempted to ride around the tricycle track. His feet are still a bit too short, but he enjoyed being pushed!We found a few more animals and then played in the corn crib. Elijah really liked it this year (as opposed to last year's pumpkin patch run).
The kids took a nice long nap while I drove to see Daddy. We went to a nearby park and had a great time. Elijah and Eric "play[ed] drums, play[ed] drums" all over the playground. There was a lot of action up there involving jumping over snakes and steering the ship around large animals.I'm pretty sure I grabbed a coffee on the way home.

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