Thursday, May 27, 2010

Veteran's Day 2009

We are seeking to raise children who will be thankful for the sacrifice others (including many of their close relations) have made on their behalf. Oh, how I hope we are a thankful family; not a family who assumes things are rightfully owed to us. So, we went to the Veteran's Day Parade to honor the living and the dead soldiers who have fought for the freedoms we are currently enjoying.This picture makes me laugh: Abiel picking his nose; Haven craning to see.The clown was really friendly. Elijah vacillated between wanting to touch him and being frightened. Alexis had no fear.Even Mrs. Robin was there! Haven was proud to cheer on the soldiers with her patriotic bow!
Elijah was happy to see Cousin Luke! Our friends Elijah & Mrs. Amy came. The kids all enjoyed waving their little flags, clapping, and letting us know what was coming next. Elijah gets his own hug from the clown. Many thanks to all our veterans!

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