Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet Girls & Sweet Treats

This first picture I had to post because that pizza looks SO GOOD. Mmmm. I believe it was one of my last batches of homemade for the year.Haven enjoying finger foods - peas! My little friend, Ava. Haven LOVES her!My creative babysitting skills were in full gear so we made some chocolate chip cookies. The kids loved it - and so did Eric. Perfect!Ava and Jacey:In case the kids didn't have enough cookie dough, we all ate a cooked cookie outside.Come play again sweet girls!

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Rebecca Nugent said...


Just so you know: In that last picture with Eric and the kids on the swing, you'll see a white circle near Eric's head. Apparently (and I say this with much tongue in cheek), that's an orb. When you catch an orb in a photo, it means you caught a ghost. So, I guess your porch was