Friday, August 13, 2010


Given the previous days' escape, I decided we should work on our going outside protocol. {It takes a lot of wisdom to be a parent like me.} Elijah has always had to ask before he goes outside. Haven wasn't quite able to make it to the door before it closed, so her departure had not been a problem. Having Haven outside with him is endlessly more entertaining than playing alone, so he almost always asks now if she can come outside as well.

Now - August 2010 - the questioning usually goes like this:
E: "Can I go outside?"
L: "Sure."
E: [heads to the door. Sees Haven. Stops.]
H: [gives Elijah a look}
E: "Mom? Can Haven go outside too? I'll protect Have!"

I am so thankful that the children generally always want to be together! Thank you God for budding friendships!


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