Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nashville Predators

If you don't know already, Eric and I are really big sports fans. We anticipate raising a little crew of super athletes. Given this, we were thankful to receive some tickets to a local Predator's game. Elijah performed up to family standards when he found the machine which repaves the ice the most fascinating part of the game. He did get to practice his hockey skills. Haven enjoyed Wynona's performance, but wondered why she was out past her bedtime. Last time she was at the Bridgestone Arena, things (lights/music/beer/noise) were a little more exciting. Elijah's favorite part of the day was walking down Broadway and seeing all the big drums and instruments through the windows of the honky-tonks. He loved to spot the instruments, comment on them, and watch the musicians. Haven would clap when she heard the music. So, the night life it is, I suppose~:-o We had a fun stroll across the Shelby Street Bridge. Elijah's favorite thing on the bridge was the drainage holes. We stopped at almost every one. If you need us to come cheer on your favorite team, we will totally be there...but we'll be scoping out the nearby attractions in hopes of an early breakaway.

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