Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Haven Turns One!

To celebrate Haven's big day, I cooked her favorite meal...or we went to Chick-fil-A. Being the prepared Mom I am, I forgot both Haven's sippy cup and her bib. Not to worry, there were three other adults with me, so my children DID get food.

Haven celebrated turning one by - out of necessity - learning to drink from a straw.

Eric got stuck in the learn-to-drink-from-a-straw teaching mode...

Next we hit Crockett Park.

Mombo got really adventurous; we attributed her energy spurt to the ice cream.

(This is why I put bows in her hair. She will thank me someday.)

Can you see her little face (underneath the mohawk)? She loved the slide!

Haven's favorite activity at this playground involves wood chips. That's what keeps us coming back.
This too:

We ended the day with another homecooked meal...our very favorite strawberry lemonade cupcakes from the Cupcake Collection.

I have several videos taken during the birthday cupcake event, but they all had spoiler background noises (Elijah: "I can't do it!" {crying}. Ab: "Watch out. Hot, hot!" {Bella screaming}). So just know that Haven at least was a very happy birthday girl. Maybe she was the only child with a cupcake?
We love you sweet Baby Girl!

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