Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Which Bella Goes to the Zoo

These next few shots were taken with much excitement on my part. Elijah is neither super adventurous nor super athletic. I have watched other little boys Elijah's age run, flip, and jump in this area of the zoo for a few years now, just waiting for him to be brave enough to start playing harder. He is slowly becoming more daring...well, daring for a son of Eric anyway. So, while your child may have been doing this at one, I was excited that my son didn't wait until he was three to start jumping off foam fish.

Haven was a bit overwhelmed by the moving floor, but was content to just watch all the other children running.

Bella's facial expressions keep me highly entertained~;-) again. Haven has learned to climb UP steps!

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Anonymous said...

Seems you've been reading Winnie the Pooh.... :-) Did you have the jungle gym to yourselves that day? That's the best!

Laura J