Monday, August 9, 2010

Beaman Park

Nadine & Abiel joined us for another fun hike at Beaman Park. I really like this extremely quiet hiking spot. I keep Elijah motivated by playing an "I Spy" of sorts - various colors of mushrooms, trees with holes, good gun sticks. That's the kind of stuff that will keep him hiking~:-) I am fondly reminiscing of those days when I could still wear my Ergo. Boy do I love that thing! I can't wait to be able to use it again!
We stopped for a little cracker break (thanks for providing snacks & pictures, Laura!) at the Nature Center. Haven looked adorable (I love this outfit!) while the other three children played in the doggie drinking station...This is one reason I will continue to invest in Crocs. We do, however, have to stop frequently because "something's in my shoe Momma!" Thankfully, this is not always the crisis it used to be.
Do you all have any favorite hiking spots?

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