Sunday, November 8, 2009


Oh my, Elijah could not wait for Daddy to get home so they could go camping. We talked about it for days beforehand. By talk about it, I mean that every few sentences would be about Daddy, Daddy coming home, the tent, the marshmallows, the special crackers, or the fire. Elijah had his bag packed and was all ready to go long before Daddy got home. They headed outside to get things ready. Doesn't Elijah look so cute with his little backpack? His backpack which, by the way, has a special handsewn Glock patch on it.
One of the most important toys of the evening was this great flashlight.
Daddy and Elijah hauled a bunch of huge rocks up from the creek. Daddy was so sweaty after building this fire pit that he had to shower before actually camping. Good work Eric!

The food was all a big hit, although Elijah couldn't really eat much given all the excitement that a fire and camping bring.
Elijah led us in a few rounds of campfire songs. The guys in the band next door seriously want to recruit him, I'm sure.
Daddy and Elijah read books in the tent by flashlight and the light from a little lamp. Elijah and Mr. Moose snuggled in the sleeping bag. They had so much fun. Someday, he'll be doing this on his own; but, for now, nothing could be more fun than camping with Daddy.

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This makes us want to have a boy.
Joe & Ab