Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girl's Weekend

Most of very best friendships were formed at some point during college. Recently we all got together for a weekend which flew by way to fast. Geneva ("Drew-Eva"), Lauren's little one, and Haven joined us along with two yet-to-born babies. Since getting together, Larissa's little Anna Reid has made her appearance, and we found out that our suspicions were correct - Merilee & Faris will have a little boy!

These girls are all so dear to me! They all know me - really know me - and yet love me. My prayer during my entire first semester at Belhaven College was "God, help me to love people!" It was a prayer of desperation, because I was acutely aware of my inability to love others. God continues to answer that prayer in surprising ways, but His gracious tutelage is certainly displayed in my love for these dear friends. Anna Reid and Haven had some early bonding time (in which Anna Reid was being smashed, come to think of it) to set the stage for their friendship. A close-up of young Faris, Jr. ~:-)
Thank you God for abundantly blessing me with good friends!

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