Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Mombo and PawPaw made a quick trip to visit us. We had a good time - complete with a trip to Bicentennial Mall.
We heard the bells chime.
We explored the secret forests.

We walked to the Capitol.

We explored the (outside of the) War Memorial Auditorium.
Haven smiled.
Haven laughed.
Dad treated us to Jet's Pizza (love that!) and we finished our meal at Dairy Queen.
We went for a big hike at my new find, Beaman Park.

Elijah found lots of these.
We discussed their colors.
We picked and kicked and threw.
PawPaw and Elijah felt the cold mountain water.
It was so nice of you all to come. Visit again soon!


Anonymous said...

We loved it!

Mags said...

I love it! There is nothing better than having a visit from family! By the way- your kids are so darn cute, I can't hardly stand it!