Sunday, November 8, 2009


If we really like you, we'll probably invite ourselves over. If we really, really like you we'll invite ourselves over for a spend-the-night. Then we'll haul all our stuff in, don some kickin' pajamas, and have an all-around fabulous time hanging out with you. (Since we like you to start with, it won't be hard at all.)

Aunt Laura reading Are You My Mother; Elijah seriously contemplating the ridiculous theory of macro-evolution:Haven was a little out of control in Luke's super-fancy exersaucer: Don't they look like wonderful friends? {I love this picture Laura!}Uncle Matt was totally breakin' it down to Elijah's music.Daddy and Elijah put on a show for all of us, complete with trumpet playing.They also played drums during the show.Haven received some much-needed loving from her sweet Aunt.The next morning we hit up Chick-Fil-A wearing our sports jerseys. I contemplated wearing my Belhaven Academics shirt, but decided to go with a Vandi shirt. Since I not only got 3 free sandwiches, but also got the rest of our meal free by using coupons, I didn't want to cause more of a scene by explaining what Belhaven was. (I do try to tone down the annoying factor as much as possible when using coupons.)While the men went golfing, we shoved all the kids onto the playmat.I had time to stare at and play with all three of these beautiful children. Luke's laugh was so entertaining; he has this great, almost-internal, old-man chuckle that makes me laugh so hard. I love it! A pantry full of wonderful snacks, new toys, books!books!books!, our very own Rock Band, a sweet laughing nephew, and good talks all made for a wonderful spend-the-night. Thanks Matt and Laura! Maybe we'll invite ourselves over again soon~;-)


Laura said...

I love those pictures with my niece and nephew too! We can't wait for you to come again!

Grammie said...

Like Elijah always says, "I want to go there sometime too!"