Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eat! Eat!

A few shots from a quick trip to the zoo with Grammie & Grampa.4.14.2010

We have been blessed with good little eaters. Haven is even more passionate about eating than Elijah was at this age; this might seem unbelievable to those who know Elijah's proclivity for eating! Haven's first words in the morning (or upon waking anytime) are usually "Eat! Eat!!!!" She will never let you forget that mealtime has arrived. As soon as you put food on her tray, she is absolutely silent as she slowly gobbles up her food. It isn't so much that she even eats large quantities of food all the time, the amazing thing is her passion for the food. Although a bit trying at times (how would it be to have a child who would play through mealtimes?), I am so thankful for chubby children who willingly eat!4.15.2010

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