Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mule Day

Sometimes I let myself bring the surprises inside.We hit Mule Day with Dad while Eric slaved away at work.One highlight was when the Community Center wouldn't let me take Elijah into a bathroom. "We have some port-a-potties set up outside." I looked at the lady and said, "There is no way I can fit into a port-a-pottie with my son. He has to go to the bathroom!" I suppose I could have clarified, "There is no way Elijah and I can go into a port-a-potty and me ensure that no part of our bodies or clothing touches a single thing in there" because that is actually what I meant. So we walked several blocks to Subway during which I repeated "Don't go pee-pee in your pants! Did you go pee-pee in your pants? Good job, Bud! OK, let's walk fast!" For your information, the liquor store in downtown Columbia does NOT have public restrooms.
Haven looks really tore up here, but she loved seeing all the mules. The girl goes crazy for animals - primarily by pointing and shrieking.We got home in time to play with the cats, Cheesy & Smoky. Smoky is the black one. Elijah named them. When he chose Smoky I said, "Well Mombo's cat is Smoky. Let's think of another name." Elijah responded, "But he looks like Smoky. His name should be Smoky!"Here is Cheesy. Aunt Ab and Elijah cooked this name up together. "I want an orange cat so I can call him Cheesy, like cheese."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the liquor stores.

McKinley Family said...

I second Mombo's gratitude. Can you write about Elijah holding the cats by the butt? It's one of my favorite stories. That flower is GORGEOUS! What kind is it?