Thursday, September 2, 2010

PawPaw Visits

Dad came for a quick visit with the goal of getting us set up with kittens. The visits was preceded, in true Hamilton fashion, with approximately 47 conversations about needing the cats, caring for the cats, getting the cats, children-cat interaction, and other cat matters. To kick the adventure off, I took Dad to a performance of Llama, Llama Red Pajama at the main library.

(Review: We like the book Llama, Llama Red Pajama; I do not like the book Llama, Llama Mad at Mama. They performed both, creating a grand display of the baby llama's bad attitude. I realized that my reading & interpretation of the former book at home gave a much different slant to little llama's attitude than the performing crew took. This made me very thankful that I have the privilege of being the primary reader to my children.) Elijah was a little nervous to be so close to the llamas. Alexis wasn't shy at all~;-)

After the show we headed to the Metro Animal Care & Control center. A few decades ago in South Carolina, picking up a pet from the local animal shelter involved about $40 and a few shots. You drove buy, found what you wanted, paid, and left. Hilda made our time at the Metro Animal Shelter a bit more involved. First, there was a pile of paperwork to complete.
We were able to look into the *locked!* room where the kittens were kept, but we could not enter until permission had been granted.
After Dad paid almost $200 for the stray kittens, we were able to enter the kitten room. Elijah was so excited to see the cats - as was Haven - but Hilda yelled! at all of us to sit on the little bench in the cat's room. I'm not really sure exactly why, but I think she was evaluating how the cats were reacting to us. It was ridiculous. Hilda sleeps with over fifty cats in her bed so I shouldn't have been surprised at her psycho-ness. (Can someone make that a word?)

Pictures of our pics of the litter coming later...we weren't allowed to take the cats home until the next morning. It's kind of like having a waiting period before you are allowed to take home the gun you just purchased, in a word - ridiculous!


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Ham said...

Llama Llama where's Obama? Sounds like a nice visit! I note your Dad's pants are sagging... We miss you guys and are praying for the safe arrival of #3. We're also praying that Eric hasn't forgotten he's in charge of finding and making July 2011 Ham Fam lodging reservations, given we've heard of no progress since he accepted that assignment in April. Call me ladle. Love, Uncle Tom