Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Monkey's Treehouse

We spent the morning running errands with Flat Stanley. Look how big my little Haven is getting!After naptime we headed to The Monkey's Treehouse in Bellevue to celebrate our friend Lily's third birthday. This place was so much fun! I was a little overwhelmed with trying to feed two kiddos myself and then keep track of them playing, but I really enjoyed watching them explore the huge playplace. Elijah - never very adventurous at first - didn't really appreciate the treehouse. He did, however, LOVE the digging area. This, of course, because he is a pro at using a wheelbarrow (Thanks, Mombo!)!

Haven - always adventurous - had a great time exploring the area for little ones. She did her fair share of playing in the big kid's area as well!
Happy Birthday Lily! Thanks for having us to your fun party!

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