Monday, October 13, 2008


After the corn maze and lunch, we pulled off the road to visit this little dam. As predicted, Elijah loved seeing it. He has become more interested in water now that we have a creek in our backyard.

Daddy took Elijah down the hill, explaining what a dam was. (Eric likes to keep up a running commentary for Elijah - whatever we are doing. That is why, even though I couldn't hear them, I know that was the conversation taking place.)

Throwing rocks in the river:

These boys really, really, really love each other. And that makes me love them all the more.

Oh, there was also a dead snake alongside the river. As Eric and Elijah approached it, I yelled, "Snake! Snake! Snake!" When Eric finally stopped, he just nonchalantly said, "Oh. Where?"

Two days ago, Eric trimmed our bushes. I went to dump the trimmings in the woods. Right on top of the pile was a huge piece of snake skin. I yelled at Eric to come over, thinking he too would be shocked at the size of the snakeskin. (Also, I was wondering how he could have possibly loaded this hunk of dead reptile skin in the wagon without noticing - and commenting on! - it.) Eric was unimpressed, but perhaps only because he had to blow his nose.

If the situation had been reversed, my reaction would have gone something like this:
"Wow! That is huge! Did you put that in the wagon? I did? Well, I don't understand how I didn't notice that! Do you think there are snakes under the house? How big do you think this snake was? When do snakes shed their skin? Is this from a dangerous snake? I just really can't believe I picked that up without noticing it!"

Does anyone else not react to snakes or their old body parts?


The Stansells said...

Lyd. The possiblity of a huge snake living nearby does not make me want to come play in the creek. Maybe we should wait until the dead of winter when they might all be hibernating (don't they hibernate?!?). Anyway, we all know how I would react if I saw a snake! Let's get the kids together this week! -LRS

.:rew:. said...

I'm with you, Lyd. Jason would be saying, "really, babe. I don't know if I put it on the pile, I just put the trimmings there, ok. I don't react like you, I'm not concerned about raising the house like you are to check for snakes under the foundation, I'm not going to call the cops to report wild animals, and stop saying I'm not reacting well. You, Rachel, are over the top." And that's why I love him...he keeps me grounded, even in the not-so-possible scenario of finding a poinsonous snake skin in our yard in the ghetto of Dayton, OH. Love you, not snakes.

Ham said...

Hi Lyd--I can hear you asking all those questions now...rapid fire. Congrats on your new home, back yard, and Eric's farmer jeans!
Love, Uncle Tom

lydia said...

Uncle Tom,
Here in the South we call those "overalls."