Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Myrtle Beach Day Two

Check out this old man outfit Elijah is sporting. I was so glad to finally have an excuse to make him wear it; it was so fun to see him in it that I have now made him wear it several times - even though we are no longer at the beach. Here we are out to breakfast at some great little pancake house (Stacks of Pancakes, I think?).

Elijah's fan club was very enthusiastic.
Elijah carried this yellow shovel around with him everywhere. Plus, he actually learned how to use his shovel.
Elijah's favorite person at the beach was BY FAR Aunt Abigail!!! Elijah just loves her so much. We like to say it is because Ab is just like me~:-) Elijah would go look for her in the morning, take her books to read, and laugh at all her silly expressions. She pretty much fascinated him. (You know, just like I do...)
Notice Eric is working hard in the back of all these pictures. He and Uncle John managed to make a couple great sandcastles "for" Elijah. One was called New Orleans; attempts were made to improve on the structure of the actual city's dams.

Our family picture didn't quite turn out like some of those darling sunset beach pictures other families get....

Ooooh, BIG! ROCKS! Outside of Longhorn, Elijah starts to say "rock."

Dear MawMaw with three of the grandkids:
Mom & MawMaw (notice the matching Myrtle Beach shirts):
Uncle Dwight with his favorite nieces and nephew~;-):

Elijah had fallen asleep on our way to the restaurant, so I stayed in the van with him until he awoke. Eric locked the doors as he walked away to order our food. My efforts at exiting the van resulted in our car alarm going off three times, a scramble into the front seat with the baby, use of my cat-like reflexes to push the lock back and grab the door handle with lightening speed, and a quick exodus from the still-alarming van. So, beware when trying to leave your car without having the keys in hand.

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