Monday, October 27, 2008

Myrtle Beach Day One

We made our annual trek to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, this year with MawMaw, Uncle Dwight, Mom, John, and Abigail. It was more fun this year than ever thanks to Elijah's enthusiasm at seeing the OCEAN! He was also excited about being able to control the spigot to our oversized bathtub. (And, look! Elijah wore disposables the whole time we were away.)This was our attempt at trying to warm Elijah up after a cold morning down at the pools and ocean. He was having a great time, but we decided to head back to our room when his teeth started chattering and his body was shaking. Just chalk that decision up to the discernment of two very wise parents.
After a warm bath and lots of clothing, what is better than sleeping in the Big! Bed!?Daddy didn't want to be left out, so he joined Elijah for a nap. Eric, notice how the upper half of Elijah's body is hoisted way above the bed? That is what your arm does!
After a family nap, we headed across the street for some Putt Putt. Save building sand castles, this was probably Elijah's favorite event of the trip. He LOVED running through the course, picking up the flags, crossing through the shrubbery, and retrieving our balls.
Mom, the Putt Putt champion: Notice the flag Elijah is carrying:Elijah cheers Grandma on...or waits until he can grab her ball.Get it, Elijah!Elijah's preferred mode of transportation when he is "working":
Family picture:

Eric braved the cold water to take Elijah through one of the kiddie pools. None of the kid's pools were heated, whereas all the adult pools felt great. Who made that call?Uncle Dwight had to take a rest after keeping score for us during the Putt Putt match: Preggo! Better get those goggles on, Uncle John! Oooh, much better.
This kiddie pool really was especially fun, despite being freezing. Elijah's favorite attraction there was the dumping of the buckets. Day One was definitely a hit!

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