Friday, October 3, 2008

Moving Day

We arrived home from our anniversary trip late Wednesday evening. Many of our friends came to help us move early Saturday morning. I continued to be nauseous while frantically packing in those last 48 hours. Dear Elijah was an absolute wreck - everything in our home was in chaos, he was being quite neglected, and there was an air of anxiety around the home. Oh, and did I mention I was nauseous? Nonetheless, we were successfully packed and ready to go by 8:00 on Saturday morning.

Mom came to ease the burdens involved with moving. As she said, we "worked her like a Mexican!" During her off-minutes we had her babysit~:-)

To reward Mom (and since we neglected to give her any kind of wage), we took her to Star Cafe on her last night in town. The atmosphere was super cute, the food mediocre. They had live music, which always makes a place feel more Nashville.

We let Mom get dessert...much to everyone's dismay. She ordered peach cobbler. The waitress brought it out and attempted to hand it to Mom. Mom made this completely disgusted face, and just kept staring at it. It was so bad that I had to say, "Mom just take it from her!" Mom said that she paused for so long because she was thinking through all the desserts offered there; clearly this must have been something else. Mom finally erupts with an incredulous, "Is this the peach cobbler?" "Yes." The waitress came back shortly and said she wouldn't charge us for it due to the lack of peaches in the cobbler. Mom heartily agreed with her, and wanted to discuss again how it didn't look like a peach cobbler should look. It was so funny. Elijah and Eric had no problem finishing off the maligned cobbler.

We really had a great time, as always, with Mom here. (COME BACK SOON!) Even with all her help, it is mostly nice to just to have her around all day.

We LOVE our new home. It is at least twice as big as our old apartment, which is so nice for Elijah. He actually has room to play now. We have a great big yard, picnic tables, and a big creek in which to play. This house is such a great blessing - far above anything I ever dreamed of, especially at this point in our lives. Isn't God good to surprise us with more than we can ask or imagine...and through dear friends?

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Ashley said...

That house was a blessing to us as well! I actually miss it sometimes...(shhh, don't tell anyone!) I'm so glad it's working out so well for you dear friends.