Thursday, October 2, 2008

Honeymoon #4

Well, I would post pictures of our trip, but our film has yet to be developed. You heard that right. We bought a disposable camera - one with real film - because we couldn't find my camera. Strangely, it turned up the day after we made our purchase.

We went to Red River Gorge in Kentucky for a little wedding anniversary celebration. Our cabin was gorgeous and perfect; the back deck overlooked the river. This was the same river we went "wading" in. Our attempt to walk in the creek up to the swimming hole was cut short when Eric "saw something huge. I don't know what it was. It was HUGE!" In a moment of genius (similar to all my emergency responses), I frantically exited the river on the side opposite of our cabin...the side without trails, a steep embankment, and thick underbrush. We were able to make it back to the cabin unscathed, although a bit unsettled.

The next day we drove to the swimming hole. It proved to be quite a trek in the car, so I am glad our wading plans had been foiled early on. While at the swimming hole I distracted two young chaps by conversing with them as they jumped off this enormous rock into the river below. My incredibly interesting conversation caused them to lose sight of their dog, which then ran away into the woods. To make amends, Eric and I climbed the huge rock and attempted to spot and call the dog. When our efforts failed, we jumped. Well, Eric did it like that - he just jumped. I stayed at the top of the rock saying, "I can't do it! I really don't think I can do it." as I teetered on the edge. Eric's sage advice, "You know you'll regret it if you don't jump." pushed me over the edge and onto a fish that was AT LEAST TWO FEET LONG. Probably much larger, because my view of the fish was mainly from the top of the rock. My fear of jumping was surpassed by my fear of landing on a huge fish with a giant, pointy snout. The fish darted away, creating a huge splash which Eric thought was from me losing my shoe. I never felt the fish; I think I was swimming to the bank before I even landed.

Oh, and I jumped after being bitten on the shoulder by an enormous bug. Said bug bite has now left a 1 centimeter lump atop my shoulder.

We tried to eat out a lot. This would have been fun except I was nauseous ALL THE TIME. Bruen's was our favorite restaurant. We went twice. The first time we walked in I was crying because I felt so sick. The entire restaurant - men in overalls & women with beehives, all over 55 - looked when we entered. Eric asked our waiter if we could switch tables due to some awkward chair placement. The sweet waiter looked at my tears, assumed I was psycho, and said "whatever would make you comfortable" in a very understanding voice. Later he gave me a free Ale81, which we learned is pronounced "LA." It is a drink made right there in Kentucky. The waiter and I then, of course, were great friends. I returned for the friendship (disappointing as my favorite waiter was not there); Eric returned for the food.

We also ate at the Natural Bridge State Park restaurant. Disgusting. They brought out enough food to feed at least eight people. It was disgusting and expensive. I had to leave the restaurant a bit earlier than Eric.

Eric was really a good sport about the persistent nausea. He also had a good attitude when our 8-ton Thunderbird got stuck in the cabin's steep gravel driveway. Not to worry. The landlord lives just across the street from the cabin. He and his wife were spying on us and came right over with the tractor to pull us onto the road. Nice.

We danced with many a person at the Hoe-Down on Hoe-Down Island. Yes. Of course, it was the best thing we did the whole vacation! We also entered the outdoor dance at a discounted price because the girl collecting the entrance fees could not calculate how to give change. Eric finally convinced her to up our rate slightly by showing her he had a few more ones. There I talked to the skinniest eight-month-pregnant, smoking mother I have ever seen. In the restroom she assured me "I haven't gained any weight with this baby." Then I avoided the urge to have a counseling session.

Aaaagh, a marriage of three years. What would I do without you dear Eric?

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Glenrider said...

Congrats on your Anniversary. As an Eastern Kentucky, I am also taken aback by young motherhood and their decision to smoke. It is difficult to ignore.

We have posted your story in our guest blog section of our RRS Forum because it is so fresh and interesting.

Again, All the Best