Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rippavilla Corn Maze

My first corn maze experience was with Uncle Al and Eric in Pennsylvania. I believe it was the Maize Maze. It was probably one of the most fun things I have ever done. It was, I have since learned, not your typical corn maze. When you went into this maze you had to carry a flag. The flag was to ensure that you could be found, or that you could get help when needed. Yeah. It was that difficult. The goal was not to just get through the maze, not to just collect all the puzzle pieces from various stations around the maze, but to complete a puzzle - both pictoral and cryptic - at the end. It was AMAZING. Then we ate at the world's biggest buffet....

This year we headed back to Rippavilla's Corn Maze for year #2. We split up into teams: boys, including babies, v. girls. There were two exits. We both found exits within about 40 seconds of entering the maze. It was rather disappointing. Eric and Jason went to apply for a refund with the argument, "This isn't a maze. It is just a grid!" After that, the people gave us a Treasure Hunt checklist of sorts, and we headed back in. That made it a lot more fun, but Rippavilla certainly does not win the Best Corn Maze award for this year. Nevertheless, the boys had a great time, we had fun with our friends, and we got some cute pictures.

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