Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amazement Square

Our second downtown Lynchburg outing was much, much more appropriate. We visited the local Children's Museum, Amazement Square. We got an all-day family pass for a fairly inexpensive price, which was just great! We played for hours, went home for lunch & a nap, and returned late that afternoon to play some more. It was super fun.
Elijah was delighted to find a wheelbarrow in the Toddler's "Big Red Barn" area. He just wheeled it around for hours (literally) knocking kids, adults, and cornstalks out of his way.
He even pushed his wheelbarrow through this tunnel filled with bugs, worms, and caves in which to store your food. We got to pick our own corn.
Elijah and Daddy played on a four story playground.

Elijah also enjoyed playing in the little kitchen, rolling golf balls through mazes, and especially floating boats down a model of the James River.

Lesson: indoor play activities are well-worth the cost.

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McKinley Family said...

Lynchburg seems like it has so many family friendly activities. You should seriously consider moving there. If you do, maybe someone will buy you a annual pass to the amazement square... :)