Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

Grandma made a Mr. Moose stocking for Elijah. He had fun opening it and discovering his little gifts, including the traditional toothbrush. Eric made the famous Graves family breakfast for everyone.
Elijah's very favorite gift was his lawnmower (thanks, Connie!). He got frustrated at how long it took to open the box, but after that he really enjoyed it. Everyone else also enjoyed hearing the lawnmower pop, sing, and talk all over the house. The McKinley clan: Our hosts: Just a note on how awesome Ab is: what first time Mom has seven people over for Christmas when her baby is just a week old? Also, what first time Mom lets "I-like-to-hit-babies-in-the-face" Elijah into their home when their new baby is just a week old? Elijah, Aunt Abigail must REALLY love you!

Joe gave Bella her first Disney princess doll.
Joe & Ab gave David a bag of (delicious) chips. Below David looks like he is unwilling to share, while Joe prepares to spring from his chair and grab the chips.

The proud new Daddy - Bella's Daddy that is - with his Daddy tool belt.In an attempt to get a comfortable chair, I started riding Bella's rocking horse.It took us ALL DAY to open gifts. Elijah had to take a few breaks for naps because, as you can see here, getting so many fun toys can be exhausting.Everyone was so sweet to let Elijah help open gifts and to patiently wait for him to unwrap his own presents. Here Joe and Ab work hard to unwrap their gift from us. (Sometimes all you need is a ribbon, folks. Don't overdo it.)Joe racked up on Disney movies. He was really excited. Joe's family has a crazy obsession with all things Disney. We still think they are Christians~;-)Elijah and Bella had a Christmas photo shoot:
Elijah stares at Bella's very tempting little face.Elijah asks if he can poke her with his finger.
Elijah attempts to quickly poke his cousin. Momma's cat-like reflexes intervene.Elijah continues to stare at Bella's sweet little face.My dear little (growing!) family: We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! We were super happy to share it with Connie, David, Lizzie, Ab, Joe, Mom, and Baby Bella. I felt very blessed and loved by the whole family (minus Jackson, who ate my phone cord).


.:rew:. said...

Wonderful post, Lyd! I love all the pictures, it's so great to catch up with you all via blogspot. Love you so much and look forward to talking with you. Maybe we can make it work to chat this week. 11 days to go for me, I'm so ready to have Gideon out!

McKinley Family said...

Umm... this post was so great. Spending time with you guys is a treat and we can't wait until we get to again! ps- that picture of me and the disney dvd's is my favorite :)