Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Graves Family Christmas

Can you spot Elijah amongst all these gifts?
Elijah got a motorcycle - one which was reminiscent of our Dairy Queen experience.
We started the morning with delicious sausage balls. Elijah was, for a time, more interested in his sausage balls than in his presents.
Elijah wanted to see what everyone got~:-)

Opening 12 month frames for all the grandkids:

A big fire truck!
Grammie & I received super-cute, monogrammed aprons from Laura.
Baby Luke got a few fun presents, including a super cute monkey.
Grammie gave Lil' Pepper an outfit. Can you guess what she wants us to have?

Tonka trucks!!!

Elijah is unable to reach the pedals...yet.
After our gift frenzy, we headed to Charlie Daniels Park.
Daddy & Elijah dug in the dirt with a "digger."
Elijah drove the tractor,....
...swang for a long time,....
...and learned how to go down the slide.
We also found a ship in which to play.

What a fun time!


McKinley Family said...

your apron is super cute. Laura always gives such good presents. :) -ab

McKinley Family said...

Does it bother you that Tonka is so similar to the nick name that Erik has for you? :)