Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Real Barber Shop Visit

We tried to hang out in downtown Lynchburg one afternoon. It was dreadfully cold. Elijah actually started crying because the wind was so cold and strong. At a loss for ideas (and needing to get out of the house for awhile), we ducked into a little barber shop right there in downtown. Elijah frequently needs a haircut, so we thought this could be our afternoon's entertainment. There was barely enough room for us and our huge stroller, but we all managed to squeeze in.

First, Elijah and I watched this old man get his hair cut. We talked a lot about how the clippers went "buzz, buzz" around his ears. We also talked a lot about how the old man was happy he was getting his hair cut. "Elijah, look at the man getting his hair cut. He is so happy. Isn't he brave? He is getting his hair cut!" The man was really sweet and talked to Elijah about his hair cut.

Then it was Elijah's turn. The barber started things off by giving him a Dum-Dum. Mmmmm. He also changed the tv to a cartoon channel and directed Elijah's attention that way. Little did he know that my child will not watch tv, no matter how age-appropriate the content. (...although Eric is working on that...) The lollipop was really fun at first.
The "buzz, buzz" started to get to Elijah about half-way through his haircut...
...and then the lollipop tasted ok again.
Eric and I were so proud of him! No tears were shed and no complaining! It really, really helped that we got to watch the old man get his hair cut first. We were sad to leave the barber shop because it meant going back out into the frigid wind. We ended up hanging out at the indoor Farmer's Market just down the street until Eric came to get us with the van.
Aunt Ab liked Elijah's new haircut.

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