Tuesday, February 17, 2009


David & Connie watched the kiddos so we could go on a quick double date. It was a real treat although, sadly, Country Kitchen was closed for the day. We ate some yummy BBQ instead. I even had time to straighten my hair that day!Grandpa came up later that day to join in the Christmas fun. He got to open his own little pile of presents with Elijah's help. The requested telescoping back-scratcher....

...and some vitamins were big hits (at least with Elijah).
Daddy played with Elijah on the big rocking horse. Elijah worked on saying/squealing "giddy up!"

Connie was super nice and read many a book to Elijah. This is, by the way, the path to capturing Eljiah's affections. (Well, books and food.)
Poppa came to visit! He is quite a character and was thrilled to meet his new great-granddaughter. The McKinley men with a dash of pink charm:

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