Monday, February 2, 2009

Before Bella Liked Bathtime

Adjusting to life outside the womb is bound to be traumatic. You have to learn to eat, adjust to temperature changes, learn to poop and undergo numerous diaper changes, as well as having your belly button soaked in alcohol and swabbed like crazy. People are constantly putting their faces next to yours and staring at you. The only comfort is that you finally have enough room to fully extend your limbs.

Due to her still-attached umbilical cord, Baby Bella's first bath at home was a sponge bath. Even though it was super quick, Ab and I concurred that the poor little girl probably got way too cold. (This did, however, prod us to bump up the thermostat on their water heater. I highly recommend it.) Bella now LOVES her bath! She is not really able to move yet, but she will scoot herself as far down in the tub as possible - as if trying to submerge her little body. Bathtime is now fun for Bella, as well as for our Teenie!
Bella's little smile...
...and my big smile. I love having a little baby sleep on me!

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