Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the Home State

We headed back to our State after leaving Baby Bella, although we didn't quite make it back to our house. Grammie & Grampa took us to Dairy Queen to start off the Christmas festivities. It was there that Elijah was exposed to his first arcade game. HE LOVED IT. He would wave at the cars on the screen and pretend to drive it. It was hilarious because he doesn't usually care at all for anything on a screen. Little did we know that this was the perfect preparation for one of his Christmas gifts. Elijah stood between us for better sampling capabilities. Grammie & Grampa went crazy with their dipped cones. The next morning, Grammie let Elijah help make banana bread while Eric & I went to the gym. I did an aerobics class in a little room with mirrors all along the front. I was wearing a big t-shirt, which was not-big-at-all around my belly, and standing in the front row. Halfway through the class, the instructor runs over to me and yells into her little headset microphone, "Honey! You be careful! I just noticed that you are ....with child...Are you ok?" I just stared at her because I could not figure out how she "just noticed" my enormous belly. Then I just wanted to laugh at her attempt to be discrete by saying "with child" as she yelled into her headset.

Elijah enjoyed the Christmas tree (Don't touch!!!), the space, the toys, and the new playmates at Grammie & Grampa's. Daddy taught Elijah to ride on his back, despite the over-crowded-with-presents living room situation.Elijah loved this new game, which continued through all rooms of the house.

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McKinley Family said...

I can't wait for Elijah to ride "Uncle Joe horse". good times await! :) -ab