Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christmas in South Carolina - Part 1

We started off our Christmas vacation with a visit from our dear, dear friends, Mr. & Mrs. Morris. Mr. Morris has been praying for me every day since I was eight or so. My Great Uncle Arville is the only other person I know who ever did that for me. Amazing. Ab and I love Mr. Morris so much; it is always a treat to spend time with him and his wife. They were super sweet and came all the way out to the house, so we didn't even have to pack any kiddos up!Ab, sorry Elijah got in your family photo. (Where was his mother?!?!?!)I'm pretty sure Haven has discovered her nose...right in time for this picture!Bella was so cute - walking, jabbering, and using every small toy as a pretend phone.Mr. Morris had the treat of giving Bella a bottle.Haven is happy because someone gave her some food~;-)Our attempt to get a cute cousin picture failed miserably, at least on my camera. But look how Bella is standing/walking! Naps were abundant.
As were blankets. (It can get a tad bit cold in Mom & Dad's house.) Look who arrived! MawMaw, PawPaw and Uncle Dwight came to celebrate with us! Haven is happy (again) because someone (else) gave her food!The big tub is perfect for lots of bathing babies. Elijah's favorite part was using the "squirter." We forgot to turn off the water until Bella started swimming around.With clean chillins in pajamas, we had a little Christmas carol sing-a-long...which Joe led until Dad started shouting out random songs. Elijah joined in with his instruments.And then we said "Happy Christmas Eve!" and went to bed.

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