Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Graves Family Christmas

The Graves Family Christmas had to be moved to the 2nd floor in order to accommodate all the presents and a few new additions (Elijah, Luke, & Haven).Pocket hand sanitizer wasn't exactly a gift for Haven, but she certainly enjoyed it the most that day.I am still enjoying this delicious coffee!New bows!New books!A new dog!More books!The Peter Rabbit crib skirt I've been looking for at least three years! {Eeek - after a quick search just now I noticed Pottery Barn is no longer carrying the bumper pad! Yikes! I'll welcome any help or tips at locating one!}Cowboy Elijah with a new rifle gun!Cowboy Elijah with his pistol gun!Their first Christmas!We are so thankful to have lots of family with whom to share these special times!
...and thus we close 2009...

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