Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Hamilton Family Thanksgiving, Part Two

The Legos came in handy back in our apartment too.Haven tried again (unsuccessfully) to take a decent nap. Eventually, the Legos got a little boring. Elijah decided to spice things up a bit by playing the drums... Rachel, Jason, Reagan, & Gideon arrived! {Please note Eric's mid-winter outfit. Seriously, it can get to be an inferno in there.}Michael, Maggie, & in-utero Jonah arrived! Reagan had the important task of pushing Gideon; Elijah continued to guide Grandpa. We all made it to the dining room for a special Thanksgiving meal. Gideon took a little nap on the dining room floor. Haven was jealous, but continued to eat. Joe, Ab, and Bella made the big announcement that Baby #2 was on his way!!!Aunt Lisa also surprised us all - even the kiddos - with Ham Fam 2009 shirts! Then we had a little sing-a-long, Thanksgiving style. Elijah sang his own song for Gigi and Great-Grandpa.
Doesn't Ab look so pretty here, experimenting with her new camera? After the dining festivities we headed downstairs for a series of lectures put together by Dad and Uncle Tom. The kids were all very good - coloring, crawling, sleeping, and playing. The lectures served to prepare us for our next stop: Gettysburg! We all signed the back of this framed Gettysburg map. This, the grand prize of the trip, now belongs to Michael & Maggie. Grandma & Grandpa with all the great-grandchildren: Elijah Millard, Millard Filmore, Elizabeth Jean, and Haven Elizabeth: My two very loved Millards:We sadly said our goodbye's to sweet Grandma and Grandpa and headed to Gettysburg.

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