Thursday, June 10, 2010

RBC Christmas Spectacular!

Our teensy little church did a Christmas program this year, which Eric and I fondly referred to as "The 1st Annual RBC Christmas Spectacular!" I'm not sure that name caught on with anyone else, but I'll probably use it again this year~;-)

Haven, sadly, had some kind of funk going on that weekend, so I stayed home to care for her. ("Thank you God that you gave me a baby. And thank you that I'm the one who gets to take care of her all the time. And thank you that Elijah and Daddy can go to church...." I was really sad to miss it because Elijah and I had been practicing How Great Our Joy for oh-so-long. My coping technique for things like being back in the nursery for hours on end by yourself or staying home with a cranky baby is to just recite reasons I AM thankful to be a Mom. God usually grants me a tiny bit of perspective, thankfully!)

You cannot even hear Elijah singing in the video, but he really was! We were super thankful to have Nadine in the chorus, as she was the only bit of consistency in the echo group! The program was a hit and we all benefited - even me, via video later that afternoon.

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