Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Hamilton Family Thanksgiving

This year we deviated from our traditional Thanksgiving-in-Atlanta and headed all the way up to Pennsylvania. We were able to spend a little time with Grandma (Gigi) and Grandpa (Great-Grandpa) before the rest of the family arrived. Grandma is an excellent reader; she has impeccable enunciation and inflection. (Did you know enunciation involves speaking concisely, as well as properly and clearly pronouncing your words?) Elijah didn't appreciate this as much as he will in future years; he was simply happy to have a new storyteller. We brought Legos and a few other small toys to occupy the children while in Grandma & Grandpa's apartment. It was a bit challenging as the space is small and the temperature high. A familiar scene - Grandma adjusting the towel which covers the La-Z-Boy. You can see the "reader" on the table next to Grandpa's chair, his special light, and the visor he uses to cut out glare. Mom was the extra helper (I'm always needing) while we were in the apartment. Gigi was able to keep Haven entertained for a few minutes. She isn't quite as cushy as Grandpa, so the kids tend to get a bit uncomfortable on her lap. This tired baby had to find all kinds of new places to sleep.
Isn't this such a sweet picture? Elijah loved being Grandpa's helper - holding onto the walker and staying with Grandpa wherever we were going - here, to the dining room. Happy, happy girl! Playtime with Grandpa was very fun. He loves to try and bounce the children on his knees or feet, just like he did with us when we were small.Time with these two is so very precious!

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