Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Dentist Appointment

Mmmm! Nothing like starting off the morning with some homemade bread and natural peanut butter.After a hearty breakfast, we headed out for Elijah's first dentist appointment at Children's Dentistry.When I saw the pictures of this place online, I knew it was going to be the perfect spot to take Elijah. We talked about it a lot, read a book on going to the dentist, and got dressed for the big event. The entire office is a castle!!!; Elijah, of course, had to wear his knight outfit. He made a little friend in the waiting room. She said, "OK. I'm the princess. I'll go hide in the castle and you come rescue me!" We haven't quite arrived at the Damsel-in-Distress portion of our Knight study, so I just quickly told Elijah he needed to go protect her. I'm not sure he was quite up to par with the little girl's expectations of being rescued~;-)The teeth cleaning went great. Everyone there was so nice and seemed to know just how to make Elijah feel comfortable. {As a side note, the iron in a children's multivitamin can cause black plaque-like buildup along the gum line. Rather than assuming you are the most unhygienic, least loving mother, just go get the iron scraped off your child's teeth. Then, follow your pediatrician's recommendation and ditch the vitamin.}

After that fun kick-off, we went to Grammie & Grampa's for a Graves Family Christmas. Elijah called Uncle Matt on his way there and asked if he would be a knight too.In true Christmas spirit, Uncle Matt did not disappoint.Grammie got her Christmas groove on with Elijah.Elijah and Uncle Matt called a truce as bedtime was fast approaching.Look - the kiddos got some matching cousin pajamas!We had a little Happy Birthday Jesus dessert party.Then it was off to bed as we awaited our last Christmas 2009 celebration.

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