Saturday, June 19, 2010

Christmas in South Carolina - Part 3

Mom treated us to the Edventure Children's Museum the day after Christmas. We had such a great time there! Much of the museum was just at Elijah's level, but there is much more to be explored as he gets older. Daddy climbed the water tower with the kiddos.This anatomical playground with "Big Eddie" was a little too much for Elijah - too big, too scary, too mysterious. I, on the other hand, thought it was super neat.The toddler play area was probably our favorite thing. You not only were able to drive the boat; you could catch fish off of it!Elijah commandeered the wheelbarrow from another play area and hauled all the building blocks onto the ship. What can I say? The kid wants to be a farmer (he told us tonight).Haven had fun playing in the bird's nest.Mombo had her fair share of good times - diaper bag in hand~:-)Elijah and Eric were able to do the evening weather report. This might have been fun for Elijah...if he had ever seen a weather report!Oh, wait! This may have been our favorite thing. Elijah got to pick vegetables and fruit from the farm - clearly, right up his alley!We played a winter version of skee ball.Elijah drove the snowmobile a few times.Ice fishing!OK, this might have been our favorite thing. Elijah LOVED being able to push around his own cart and pick out his own grocery items. I think we ended up with a lot of meat and a lot of donuts from our Piggly Wiggly visit.
After eating at one of my favorite pizza places, we made a quick trip to Riverbanks Zoo. The gorilla exhibit was fascinating.I loved this little aquarium bubble when I was little.Sunday we went to church and then did a lot of hanging out at home.Thanks for a super fun Christmas vacation Mom & Dad!


Anonymous said...

It wasn't Cosco with samples but I would say the child-size Piggly Wiggly was his favorite. He was so tired from all the exciting exhibits but he came to life when he started shopping.
What a fun time!

Laura said...

That museum is wonderful! I love the big bird's nest.