Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Family Christmas

Our family (foursome) Christmas is the best celebration we have all season long.

"Christmas Eve"

We've been collecting all our packages and wrapped presents here at the top of the landing, passing by them several times a day, and growing more and more excited! "Christmas Morning"

Don't worry guys; Elijah has the scissors. "Elijah, show me your present. Hold it up." From Momma & Daddy: We bought this little instrument set at Costco back in September or so. It was hidden at the top of Elijah's closet, not to be seen until Christmas morning. The child remembered he was getting a drum. "When it is Christmas...when do I get my drum!" He LOVED (loves!) this little toy.
Aunt Heather and Uncle John gave the gift that keeps on giving with this knight outfit: "It's just like in my book Momma!" Eric got the Usborne Stories for Little Boys to re-read the knight story. Little Haven was a bit confused at the whole process, but had a great time nonetheless.Her outfit from Aunt Heather and Uncle John is so, so adorable:
We headed out for a Christmas hike. Elijah took his drum and played it joyfully the whole time. Watch this - playing and singing! Loudly. That's ok. We live in a huge field by a *usually* empty creek.
Look at this secret creek we discovered. It has a waterfall! We found ice! It was in these amazing spirals sporadically placed across the forest floor. Haven's Christmas present was a little stroller and a few of my hand-me-down dolls. She was SO EXCITED to see the doll!
Oooh - and John & Heather gave us this great game, Hyperdash. Eric and I had a really fun time playing it that night. Elijah played a little bit, but mostly just ran around pushing the stroller and causing confusion. Fun family! Fun day! Fun Christmas!

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