Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Elijah Millard

I love, love, love this boy!  He is growing by leaps and bounds in every way.  This little man is a thinker.  He asks us a lot of hard questions all the time. 
"Why did God not kill Satan?" 
"What world do we live in?  Is this real?"
"Why can't I remember that number?!?!"
I refer to Daddy a lot~;-)  {I also blame Eric for all these questions.  "Why do you keep making up other worlds in all your stories?  Now Elijah doesn't know which world is real!"}
Elijah is - by far - the biggest help around the house.  He can carry things to the car or to building three; he can take out the bathroom trash; he is primary caretaker for all the animals.  (He has Haven in training for chicken duty, though!)  He'll usually buckle the girls in their carseats and then run back in - "Can I help you do anything, Momma?"

We picked up this fun magnet set at a garage sale; Elijah loves doing it!  Haven places the magnets on the sheet; Elijah just duplicates the picture on the sheet.  He usually requires just a bit of showing before I hear, "OK.  OK!  I've got it!"
The most wonderful thing about Elijah right now is that he is learning to really love his sisters.  They both adore him and he can usually calm them down quicker than anyone else.  He has even figured out how to incorporate princesses into his "bad guy" games, ensuring he has two willing playmates. 

6.4.2012 & 6.5.2012

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Michelle said...

Aw, Elijah is the best!! :)