Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good Morning!

Does anyone wake up with this much energy? Pre-coffee, I mean. It's a little ridiculous around here. Mostly it's a lot of "Eat? Eat!" until I get rolling.
Haven often wakes up with wonderfully curled hair. 
Elijah is always anxious to get out of his own bed, but is usually happy to snuggle in our bed for a little while.  Recently I heard, "Mom, can you please get up now?  I've let you sleep a long time."  He made me laugh so hard that I got right up~:-)
Jolly could pretty much always use another hour in bed, but the 3rd child isn't always afforded that luxury.  This allows for a little bit of snuggling.  (yay!)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have missed you blogging.