Monday, October 22, 2012

Ice Cream (Overload)

One of the fun things about this beach was that it was just a little island town. i don't think they even accepted credit cards! We found a few fun, local places to eat.  Here I am enjoying Carolina-style barbecue and some hush puppies.

We got ice cream after dinner; they had their own special form of a blizzard.  The best part was smelling the waffle cones they were making right behind the counter. 

Eric is a bit generous on giving the children treats.  That is how Polly Jane ended up with her own ice cream. 
She went a little nutso...
...and finished off her sibling's ice cream as well as her own.
These are the best pictures I got of all the kids. 

I'm pretty sure at least two of my children had breakdowns on the way to the car, which was parked approximately three car-lengths from the ice cream shop.  I temporarily lost a child while we were eating ice cream.  The kids almost knocked several other customers over while sprinting up and down the handicapped ramp.  We created a scene with all the napkins we used; napkins which we had to ask for individually because they didn't let you dispense your own.  It was a little stressful.

The blurry, no-one-is-really-looking picture above is so fun though!  Those kids had a good time!  Thankfully, Eric pushes me to do stressful things which create fun memories for the children.  If it weren't for him, our only fun activity might be reading.  (Or napping.....)


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