Friday, October 12, 2012

Telling the Children

On the way to Pennsylvania, we told the children that God had given us a New Baby!  Here are their reactions. 

Excuse my man voice (it was early, all right?) and Polly Jane picking her nose.
Elijah:  "Whippee!  We get to have TWO babies!  That means Mombo can come!"
Polly Jane: {continues to leave finger in nose}
Haven:  "Hey!  What baby's name can be?"

Then I gave the kids their new Big Brother/Big Sister shirts, they got dressed in the car, and we rolled into Cracker Barrel where we blessed our waitress with a low-maintenance table. 

Look at this Big Sister!!!  Isn't she lovely?


George and Krista said...

Love your kids' southern accents :) Krista

Lily said...

I think Paco (Taco?) is a winner. :) Love this!!

Michelle said...

Too cute! So they want to name the baby Taco?? :)

lydia said...

Ha! We've since ruled out "Taco", although it was being strongly encouraged for a while!