Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Polly Jane's 1st Beach Trip

We left Pennsylvania with much angst. How could I leave for a fun time at the beach when my grandparents are all alone? We decided to follow through with our original plans and headed to a beach house with our dear friends.

We ran the kids down to the ocean as soon as we arrived. What a fun, fun beach experience we had! Polly Jane LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the water. She kept wanting to dive in by herself! Every time she was slammed by a wave she would come up saying "More! More!" That is a crazy, crazy water baby I have. (Holla if you've seen her in action in the bathtub!)

{These pictures are a hodge-podge of dates, I believe.  At least, I don't remember Haven spending the whole day in her nightgown.}

Sweet friends.
We went to the boardwalk one evening and had a great time.  Eric and Jason were perhaps most excited about the arcade.   It was a little crazy for me, but the kid's were mesmerized by all the lights.
We left the overstimulation of the arcade and fed everyone sugar.
Apparently, we thought it wise to give the girls adult-size portions of ice cream.  This decision was made after we let Elijah add "Superman" color and flavor to his huge ice cream cone. 
We watched a great fireworks display and then rode the carousel.

We picked up a dozen made-in-front-of-you donuts because we had a long night of work ahead of us.  Everyone sat around and helped while I got our little Baby #4 announcement cards ready.  We stuck those in the mail the next day and then headed back to the beach.


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