Friday, October 12, 2012

The Drive

We spent the night with my sister and her crew. This time no one threw up or developed pinkeye during our stay. It was...nice. (Have we told you the story of driving 8 hours while puking? You probably want to hear that one.)

Eric, Elijah, and Bella bonded over some Dr. Suess stories.
Haven got her hands on Bella's best dress up supplies and happily entertained herself by scattering play food all over the kitchen.  It was so fun to be at Ab's house - even though our visit was super short.  She made tons of food for us; I was very happy~:-)
Look at this custard shack!  How can you not stop?  We ran a lot of races beside the parking lot then jumped back in the car to complete the trip to Myerstown, PA.

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